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                      • 當前位置:彩福彩票首页 > 彩福彩票达人下载 > 手持燈

                        • ZZ-8831
                        • 産品名稱:


                          點擊量: 1267
                          所屬分類: 手持燈

                          MaterialABSLED type3W COB
                          IP ratingIP44Features

                          USB charger

                          Car charger



                            This product is the latest developed by our company and is very popular in the American and European markets. 

                            3w cob led lights and 300 lumens of light meet your daily lighting needs. Lithium-ion batteries give you a long battery life. 

                            USB charging and car charging make your charging more convenient.Charging protection gives you a more comfortable user experience.

                             It has a hook at the top and a magnet at the bottom. It has suspension and adsorption functions and can be used for repair, camping and fishing. 



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